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Cohort Digital

Team Lead

Scope Of Work

Chris Dionne

​Digital Marketing and Lead Generation

The founders wanted to increase the overall enterprise market value of Cohort not only by improving profit but by working on a variety of business areas to improve the industry multiplier of the overall business asset.

We uncovered the additional challenge that the business had too much reliance on key people, especially the Managing Partners, not enough documentation around all areas of the business, no formal functional structure, and not enough clarity around the exact IP that had been developed and not leveraged.

In the early days, the engagement was fast-tracked and focussed on an intense period of 100 days – projects high on the priority list were functional structures, product extension strategy, positioning the business properly, sales training, and culture. Chris Dionne worked closely with the founders to set up board structures, on which he also served as chairman for 3 years helping guided them through a successful business exit.

Revenue growth of $23M ($5M - $28M) We achieved International scale, built a strong culture and team – attracting top talent and Chris assisted us with two exit sales - one a partial exit of the founders in 2014 and finally the full sale of the company to Pureprofile Ltd in September 2016. Successful exit of both founders in 2017.

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