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Department of Industry

Helping businesses connect and build resilience with improved strategic and operational capabilities.

Team Lead

Scope Of Work

James Kelly

Supply Chain


Business Capability

Government Department with a mandate to improve local industry capability and improve local employment.

With a focus on improving business capability to create more jobs and retain revenue onshore, the Australian Department of Industry, Science, Energy, and Resources sought an innovative way to connect local businesses.

Our Mission was to utilize technology to develop a scalable solution, which would allow businesses to directly connect and share their capability without any workflow being dependent on public sector employees or budget.

Our Approach was to bring together several industry bodies, allow us to rapidly test and execute the software solution while leveraging frameworks and networks (such as the country-wide Industry Capability Network) that already existed.



The growing emphasis on local supply chain capacity has been heightened by the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A centralized procurement and supply chain portal was built to allow businesses to pivot their service offerings, showcase their current and potential capabilities and connect with partnering businesses to fulfill services that were previously sourced offshore. The solution aims to promote collaboration between local businesses and opportunities within the region.



Communicating complexity with simplicity. We developed simple visual ways to help break down the complexity and scale of the challenge the platform was intended to address.


Minimum Viable Product. The system drew from user experience research learnings we conducted with the ICN Gateway and input from the department and industry. The proposed minimum viable product (MVP) has been launched as a pilot in 3 distinct regions, before a potential national rollout of the Capability Connection system.

“Capability Connection aims to fill this gap by improving supply chain visibility and fostering collaboration between local businesses, ensuring we can avoid the risk of shortages of essential items at critical times.”
- Federal Minister Christian Porter"


The Capability Connection is already stimulating and fostering an open and competitive marketplace for industry, encouraging local participation and ensuring share in contracts remains strong.


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