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FinaMetrica- Risk Tolerance Software

In order to achieve the exit strategy, there was a need to improve and enhance the current Board’s focus from operational to strategic given the diverse technical talent on the Board.

A very hands-on approach was required when the Board began looking for acquirers, they knew the best strategic buyer would be international. They were also aware that they did not have the internal depth of international relationships necessary to execute the right deal.

Chris’s team was the perfect partner to execute the deal, given their knowledge of the tech landscape and their own specific cross-border capabilities. Chris led an extensive international search that identified a number of potential strategic acquirers and helped position the business for a successful sale to a Canadian buyer Plan Plus.

This also allowed a further strategic step for the founders, with the more recent sale to the US-based Morningstar.

The input of Chris Dionne, alongside his involvement in team decision making, staff counseling, and Board functionality, was highly material in the subsequent strong growth of the business worldwide. I don’t think that the company would have grown so successfully for these 10 years if not for his involvement. Ultimately, the outcome for the business owners, Board, and all staff was a succession plan. The plan, developed with Chris, has since been implemented and sees the company merged with another significant international service provider. This plan has not only freed up the value for shareholders but provided larger career opportunities within the business for all staff members. I recommend Chris to anyone seeking a better way to attend to business.

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