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Industry Capability Network

Connecting suppliers to billions of dollars worth of project opportunities

Team Lead

Scope Of Work

​James Kelly


Website Experience

Website Design

Helping make local content regulations simpler on large construction projects.

ICN Gateway connects suppliers to billions of dollars worth of project opportunities around Australia.

Our Mission was to improve the accessibility of the platform, to better help, ICN achieves their commercial objectives, and also to benefit the tens-of-thousands of small businesses nationally who could be using the platform.

To improve the experience of the website we recommended 1-on-1 usability testing with the prospective target audience to gain quantitative and qualitative insights to inform our designs, including:

• Benchmark usability testing with target audience on current state

• Design an interactive prototype

• Usability testing on our prototype

• Iterations based on user insights



Prospective customers struggle to understand the value and benefit of ICN Gateway, which means limited uptake and additional manual input from the ICN team.

​Based on the usability testing and iterative strategic design, we were able to rapidly develop a solution that both improved features and reduced manual input from the ICN team.



A showcase of rich storytelling. Users indicated that the most compelling way to communicate the benefit of the service was to showcase relatable case studies. Our design showcased rich and compelling stories from the outset and throughout the prospective user’s discovery journey.


User experience and responsiveness at the core. Our design is fully responsive with careful consideration to highlight and promote key information for users on a mobile device.

“Market needs are changing rapidly. ICN Connect makes it easier to strengthen supply chain needs in this new environment.”
- Warren Jansen, Executive Director


After completing our second round of usability testing, the results on the proposed user experience in our prototype were overwhelmingly positive in both quantitative and qualitative measures.

Forecast commercial results, by overcoming those challenges, are measured in the hundreds of millions of dollars in local work.


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