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St. George Margin Lending

61.7% growth in profit for St George Bank.

Team Lead

Scope Of Work

Chris Dionne

Profit Growth

Margin Lending





Team Vision

Strategically positioned outside the Big 4 in a competitive banking market, St George sought to better leverage its targeted clientele.

St George Bank wanted to grow their business. They found that the business had the right platform and controls but wasn't positioned for advanced growth.

Our Mission was to first assess any assumptions in the division, in particular identifying that they didn’t need to change Strategy but rather change the short-term mindset of the team.

Our Approach leveraged our existing strategic IP, developing an effective change management program that would include creating a language so everyone understood the plan and ensured the whole business worked towards the same goal.



They then realized that to achieve

the growth they didn't need to change

strategy, rather change the mind-set

of the team from focusing on the

present to focusing on the future, in

order to increase momentum and


​Chris and his team brought the whole division into a room and together they worked through different frameworks to understand what stage the business was currently at, what the issues were, and how they wanted the business to grow in the future. The team was shown how they could help support and frame the vision.



The biggest objective for St George was getting the team's buy-in, in order to be able to take things forward and position the business for advanced growth. Involving the team in the vision meant they would be more willing to move the division forward and meet their goals and objectives.


Chris continued to work with St George Bank and helped them address every area of the business that required assistance, such as the back-office function, developing clear standards and process and internal communications across the division to ensure they created alignment. In addition, they looked at the functions in the business and ensured they had the right people doing the right jobs.

"The single most effective learning I’ve taken has been the ability to analyze the business. The knock-on effects have been great outcomes in terms of profitability and camaraderie among team members."
- Andrew Black, GM of private bank and margin lending.


Cultural: Involving the team in the vision means they were more willing to move the division forward and leave aside personal issues such as blame when

coming across a problem.

Greater camaraderie among team members.

Commercial: Margin lending division has achieved consistent profit growth of 30% per annum.

In the first year of program implementation, the group delivered 61.7% growth in profit.

Some transactions have increased by 400% in value.


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